Links to Events

Links to Events

Clonmel Junction Festival, for the Identity: What’s in a Name? event, July 2021, reading two poems from Servant of Time.

Around Clonmel – this poem celebrates the lovely Comeragh forests close to the town.

Bridget & Pat is written for her mother who moved to London during WWII, an Irish young woman moving from Ardee, Co. Louth, a small town to London, a huge impersonal city and how a person at work changed her name which remained changed for the rest of her life.

Women’s Bits is a series of female writers sharing their writing for Kilkenny City Local radio. The Women’s Bits series picked up a bronze award at the 2020 IMRO Radio Awards.
Christchurch Road is memoir piece is about the early Victorian 4 storey house my parents owned and its idiosyncrasies such as big sash windows that could decapitate you if unsupported as you are leaning out from the second floor over a 40ft drop to hang your washing on a 100ft washing line!

2021 Clonmel Junction Festival Event
Identity: What’s in a Name?

Women’s Bits Series – Christchurch Road
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