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First Blog!

Well, here goes, first blog. I plan to use this blog for my observations, reflections and family memories to be shared with my family and friends. If that suits you to follow this blog then you are welcome on my journey into the ether. Here are some guides for how I am defined – I dont believe in bucket lists, I believe in wish lists. I was brought up that if you cant say anything nice, dont say anything at all. And lastly, if I say something that may offend you, there was no intention to do that. My Mother also said, where angels fear to tread, I would splash around in wellies. I have an over-developed sense of irony thanks to my Father, who would have enjoyed his own funeral. This site will allow me to give roots to my work, its virtual home.

At times, my poetry is written about personal experience, at others observation and then at times, a combination of both. I write very much in the moment, driven by something that has an impact on me. This may not be a recent event or memory, it could be something that has taken years to rise up in the consciousness but once there it demands to be written. I write alot of poems about nature as I find that the forest cloaks the mind in green to restore the soul and replenish the spirit. Negative experiences similarly deplete and diminish your energy to depress your ability to cope.

I write in many genres, depending upon my mood, but poetry seems to be the expression of choice mostly. I have been very lucky to have flash fiction pieces published with Fudoki Online Magazine; memoir pieces on the radio – non-fiction winner of the Write by the Sea competition to have RTE Seascapes broadcast my piece – Nanny Water Cottage(Feb 2018) and KCLR’s programme Women’s Bits broadcast – Christchurch Road – June 2020.

I self-published my first poetry collection – Servant of Time, end 2020. This poetry collection has 60 poems in four sections – People & Life, Nature Heals, Relationships, Observations & Memories. There are poems to suit every mood in this collection, this site will have some of these poems featured so you can see if you like them. This is a coffee table or handbag book, to be dipped in and out of when you have a few minutes to yourself. I hope that you enjoy them.

Servant of Time can be purchased from this website or, or email me on:

For reviews see GoodReads –


Published by Theresa B Jones

I am a writer of poetry, memoir and short stories, my writing reflects the ironies about me and I tend to say it how it is. I take part in spoken word events both live and virtual. My poems are often taken from life, reflecting on nature and human nature.

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